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Best Tested - HighBay II Elite

Recent benchmark test result: "best LED product" in Germany

HighBay II Elite ballproof certification

Proven safety for sports halls by certification

ENEC certified

Highbay fixtures ENEC ceritfied by DEKRA

Energy grants 2016 the Netherlands

LED Energy grants (EIA) in the Netherlands 2016....


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Office Lighting  - LEDVolution LED series



The energy saving LED light fixture range  for the commercial sector.

LEDVolution office 12030

Using standardized dimensions the light fixtures can simply replace (plug and play) existing fluorescent light solutions while saving up to 70% of energy without making concessions to light quality or being compliant to commercial light regulations.

Including High-end and optimized electronics the LEDVolution light fixtures are not only energy saving, but due to its on-board intelligence, they can be used stand alone with additional energy saving solutions like daylight compensation, or simple integrate into building automation systems.

Different (narrow/broad) light emitting signatures allow for custom and optimized light plans for any commercial building.

The LEDVolution fixtures are available in various default sizes: 60x60cm, 120x30cm, 120x60cm

Additional sizes are available on request.

More product details can be found on the LEDVolution product website


System  integration products

Integrating the LEDVolution light fixtures with building automation, dimmers or daylight compensation solutions can be as simple as plug and play using the various interface products from Illumisound BV.

Current available interface products are: 0-10V Dimming or the proprietary LEDVolution interface

Additional interfaces will be release in the near future.

Characteristics of the Illumisound products:

  • High-tech and high quality
  • Energy saving
  • Plug en Play ILS
  • Maintenance free
  • Easy system integration
  • Complies to labor norms
  • Durable (5 year warrantee)
  • Modular
  • Design


* (I)LS = (Intelligent) Lighting Systeem


Energy efficient light fixture LEDVOLUTION ILS

The energy saving solution

The LEDVolution  series comprises of a standard range of light fixtures for usage in the commercial sector....

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